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29 августа 2017 - SWITCHING to preservative free latanoprost impact on tolerability and patient satisfaction
Daniel Edward Robert Beck,1 Karim El-Assal,1 Ken McGarry,2 Nicholas Kloster Wride1 1Sunderland Eye Infirmary, 2Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK We read with interest the article by Negrete et al.1 A recent study performed at our unit found similar results on conducting a review of tolerance to preservative-free latanoprost (Monopost) in patients who were unable to tolerate preserved formulae, and we would like to take the opportunity to share the results with you.

27 августа 2017 - 9th Picture Competition in Vision Research and Ophthalmology
Send your best photo to Vision Research and Ophthalmology to illustrate the fascination of clinical and basic research in ophthalmology and win attractive prizes...

24 августа 2017 - FDA Reauthorization Act aims to lower costs of ‘overpriced’ generic drugs
The long-term effects of the FDA Reauthorization Act of 2017 — signed into law by President of the USA - Donald J. Trump on Monday — may include savings in drug-related Medicare expenses due to increased competition encouraged by the FDA by fast-tracking generic competitor approvals, according to an expert.

18 августа 2017 - Всероссийская лазерная школа «Нерефракционная лазерная хирургия» 2 октября 2017 г. (в рамках РООФ-2017)
Приглашаем Вас и Ваших коллег принять участие в Всероссийской лазерной школе «Нерефракционная лазерная хирургия» 2 октября 2017 г. в рамках РООФ-2017

17 августа 2017 - Конференция офтальмологов, посвященная 20-летию образования Медицинского центра
Глубокоуважаемые коллеги! Сообщаем Вам, что 16-17 ноября 2017 года состоится юбилейная научная конференция офтальмологов, посвященная 110-летию образования медицинской службы завода «Адмиралтейские верфи»

13 августа 2017 - Battling Vitreous in the Anterior Chamber
Sarwat Salim, MD, sits down with Steven Vold, MD, to discuss how to manage vitreous in the anterior chamber of a glaucoma patient. Dr. Salim shares pearls for determining treatment strategy and explains whether a trabeculectomy or tube shunt procedure is more appropriate

11 августа 2017 - Congratulations on your induction into the ASCRS Hall of Fame!
Congratulations on your induction into the ASCRS Hall of Fame! I feel very humbled and honored. To be commemorated in this way is a huge deal and totally unexpected. When I accepted the honor, I told the audience that the very fact they had recognized me was symbolic of their commitment to eliminate needless blindness in the world.

01 августа 2017 - ZEISS CT LUCIA Proves Successful for Complicated Cataract Case With Post Uveitic Glaucoma
Sowwa Anatoliy, MD, describes the reasons he selected the CT LUCIA 601P IOL (Carl Zeiss Meditec) in a patient with bilateral pseudoexfoliation syndrome, weak cynic ligaments, corneal astigmatism, and high hypermetropia; stage 1 angle-closure glaucoma in her right eye; and stage 2 angle-closure glaucoma in her left eye. The patient also suffered from chronic uveitis in her left eye, which also had a complicated cataract, posterior synechia, and a rigid and narrow pupil. Like with any routine cataract surgery case, biocompatibility and ease of use were essential considerations in IOL selection, which is why in the end the CT LUCIA was chosen. In this case, the fully preloaded injection system and C-loop design of the hydrophobic, aspheric monofocal IOL optimized Dr. Anatoliy’s surgical workflow and the patient’s visual outcomes

21 июля 2017 - 2nd European Symposium on The New Agreed Draft Regulations on Medical Devices – (RMD2017)
WELCOME NOTE Dear Colleague, It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the upcoming 2nd European Symposium on The New Agreed Draft Regulations on Medical Devices – (RMD2017) which will take place 16-17 October 2017, at the Hilton Berlin in Berlin, Germany. Following the success of the first inaugural Congress in Prague, this second congress will address the important updates for Medical Devices. In conjunction with EAAR (European Association of Authorized Representatives), our excellent panel of experienced professionals in this field will once again ensure a symposium of noteworthy quality...

16 июля 2017 - Почему следует обязательно посетить заседание Конгресса Российского глаукомного общества в этом году?
Читайте пожалуйста внимательно! ) 33 убедительных доказательства!!!

13 июля 2017 - Glaucoma 2017: Controlling IOP and Promoting Adherence through Novel Therapeutics
Glaucoma is currently the second leading cause of blindness throughout the world. The goal of glaucoma treatment is to stop or slow disease progression. Current glaucoma medications achieve this almost exclusively through reduction of intraocular pressure (IOP). Unfortunately, even with appropriate use of currently available medications, many people with glaucoma will still experience vision loss. Intraocular pressure is the only known modifiable risk factor for patients with glaucoma, so improvements in patient outcomes rely on tight IOP control and patient adherence to therapy. In this educational activity, leading clinicians review established and new therapeutic agents for patients with glaucoma, including the recent clinical evidence for their safety and efficacy. In addition, discussion will include the extent to which patient adherence has a negative impact on the delivery of effective therapy for glaucoma

10 июля 2017 - Best formula for IOL calculation
Важно? Конечно! Best formula for IOL calculation

03 июля 2017 - SPECTRALIS OCT – Searching for Clues on OCT Images
SPECTRALIS spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) is a fast, non-invasive method of examining the posterior section of the eye. Apart from an optimal imaging technique that aids in diagnosis, it also offers a unique AutoRescan function which allows for reproducible measurements necessary for optimal monitoring of disease. The qualitative evaluation of OCT images makes it possible to accurately assign pathological changes to the individual layers of the retina. This guide will help you to both systematically evaluate OCT images and to describe clinical observations visualized by such images in a straight forward and efficient manner.

22 июня 2017 - Регистрация в Барселону? Пора ли нет?
Регистрация открыта...

18 июня 2017 - Clinical features and long-term progression of reticular pseudodrusen in age-related macular degeneration- findings from a multicenter cohort
Полезная статья для зарегистрированных пользователей...

11 июня 2017 - Patient adherence to the face-down positioning after macular hole surgery
Purpose: To determine adherence to face-down positioning (FDP) among patients who underwent vitrectomy and gas tamponade for macular hole (MH) repair. Method: A total of 69 patients (37 females and 32 males) who underwent primary vitrectomy for MH repair were studied. Nurses recorded whether the patient complied with FDP each time they examined the patient. FDP score was obtained from the nursing records; patients were given a score of 1 if they complied with the FDP and 0 if they did not. The score was recorded four times per day for the first 3 postoperative days. A perfect FDP score was 12. Results: The mean ± standard deviation of the FDP scores was 10.6±1.8 (range: 4–12). Overall, 32 (46.4%) patients scored a perfect 12, and 7 (10.1%) patients scored <8. Failure of the MH closure was observed in only one patient (1.4%), who showed the poorest adherence to FDP (score =4). Consequently, the closure rate in patients with FDP score <7 (2/3, 66.7%) was significantly lower than in patients with an FDP score ≥7 (66/66, 100%) (P<0.05, Fisher’s exact probability test). Conclusion: While adherence to FDP after MH surgery was better than that observed after vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous retinal detachments in our previous study, the percentage of patients with FDP scores <8 did not differ. Statistically, the poor adherence to FDP can negatively impact the effectiveness of the surgery for MH repair.

09 июня 2017 - The Capsulotomy: From There to Where?
The capsulotomy has a fascinating history – one tinged with jealousy, rivalry, fashion, evolution, revolution and even nationalistic pride – and it’s a story that’s got a great deal more to tell. It started with the Frenchman, Jaques Daviel, who ushered in the modern era of cataract surgery, abandoning couching (Box 1) for the first extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE; Box 2). The British, for predominantly patriotic reasons, preferred couching (Box 3), but ECCE was always going to win out. Albrecht von Graefe improved it in 1850 with his eponymous knife (Box 4) and, extraordinarily, his technique lasted for over a century. That’s not to say that competing approaches weren’t developed along the way – Ignacio Barraquer devised the suction cup-based erisophake in 1917, which enabled rapid intracapsular extraction of the lens (Box 5), but its uptake was limited. So the von Graefe method persisted into the 1970s.

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