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22 декабря 2017 - Aqueous angiography has now been performed in living patients – and holds the promise of truly personalized glaucoma surgery
At a Glance For the first time, aqueous angiography has been applied to living subjects (both humans and non-human primates) Real-time data from live patients was consistent with previous post-mortem aqueous angiography: outflow is segmentally heterogeneous Furthermore, live-patient data confirmed a pulsatility to outflow and resulted in the discovery of dynamic features of aqueous outflow – a unique observation Increasingly, aqueous angiography appears to have the potential to guide surgery to patient-specific regions, thereby enhancing MIGS outcomes.

21 декабря 2017 - 2nd International Swept Source OCT & Angiography conference
Abstract submission deadline for the 2nd International Swept Source OCT & Angiography conference has been extended to December 31st. Submit your abstract to www.issoct.com. Competition The best submission (talk or poster) will be selected by the ISSOCT Scientific Committee. The winner will receive an invitation to speak at the 3rd ISSOCT in 2019 which includes a travel grant and other benefits. Visit www.issoct.com for rules and additional information including travel grants.

10 декабря 2017 - Много фото с конгресса Российского глаукомного общества 2017!
Первая пятница декабря. Теории, тенденции, технологии. Почти 1400 участников (докторов, сотрудников оргкомитета, представителей партнеров, технических служб). Встреча Экспертных советов по глаукоме РФ, СНГ, Грузии и Балтии. Клуб глаукоматологов Восточной Европы, клуб заведующих глаукомных отделов/отделений РФ и СНГ, участие представителей Европейского глаукомного общества. 23 страны (от США до Сингапура), 131 город! Крупнейший глаукомный форум в Восточной Европе в этом году

06 декабря 2017 - Humanitarian Grant
Fellowship Award The New World Medical Fellowship Award supports future health care leaders who are dedicated to making global humanitarian work an integral part of their careers in glaucoma. The Fellowship Award is comprised of $10,000 in travel support for a minimum of one ophthalmic mission in a developing nation within a single academic year. Any remaining funds can be used to attend national or international ophthalmic conferences and/or obtain training that will enhance future efforts to deliver care to underserved populations. The selection committee will choose the applicant who best embodies the spirit of these objectives as the annual New World Medical Fellow.

28 ноября 2017 - До начала Конгресса Российского глаукомного общества осталось два полных дня...
Все будет хорошо. Нет, не так: все будет лучше лучшего!

27 ноября 2017 - The World Glaucoma Association aspires to be the most important source of education for ophthalmologists and other healthcare providers related to glaucoma.
The World Glaucoma Association aspires to be the most important source of education for ophthalmologists and other healthcare providers related to glaucoma. Our bi-annual World Glaucoma Congress (WGC) is the cornerstone of our knowledge platform. We also provide the Educational Portal with recorded sessions from past WGC's, develop and publish International Glaucoma Review (IGR) and organize a Fellowship Program to match international ophthalmologists with top academic programs and provide financial support for attendance at the WGC.

20 ноября 2017 - Коллеги! Обратите внимание на лекции, размещенные на портале http://www.icglaucoma.org/2017/ru
Симпозиум “Проблемные вопросы глаукомы” является ежегодным мероприятием, предназначенным расширить и углубить знания российских офтальмологов в вопросах диагностики и лечения глаукомы, а также открыть диалог между российскими и зарубежными докторами по наиболее сложным и нерешенным аспектам, касающимся этого заболевания. В этом году будет проведен телемост "Москва - Нью-Йорк - Лондон - Регионы РФ" при участии Р.Рича (Нью-Йорк, США), К.Бергойна (Портланд, США), К.Тама (Гонконг, Китай), К.Мартина (Кембридж, Великобритания), С.Мильёр (Милан, Италия) и К. Лёна (Гонконг, Китай). Уже сейчас на сайте опубликована лекция проф. Р. Рича (Нью-Йорк, США) ПСВЕДОЭКСФОЛИАТИВНЫЙ СИНДРОМ (ПЭС): НОВЫЕ ГОРИЗОНТЫ

13 ноября 2017 - Ты знаешь - город будет, ты знаешь - саду цвесть, когда в стране Советской - такие люди есть! (с) Ждем!
Мы действительно будем рады всех видеть) Подробнее на сайте Новости глаукомы Российского глаукомного общества

22 октября 2017 - Advancing Science on New Mechanisms of Action and Methods of Delivery for the Medical Treatment of Glaucoma
Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide, with an estimated 70 million people affected by the condition. With the aging population, it is expected that the prevalence of glaucoma will continue to increase, resulting in an estimated 80 million people with glaucoma by 2020. Recent advances in imaging have facilitated earlier glaucoma diagnosis and subsequent timely initiation of therapy, potentially reducing irreversible blindness and loss of quality of life. Therapies for glaucoma either increase outflow or decrease production of aqueous humor to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP), but IOP must be tightly controlled to provide optimal patient outcomes. In this activity, leading clinicians will evaluate clinical evidence for the safety and efficacy of established, new, and emerging classes of glaucoma medications, as well as discuss their mechanisms of action for the effective management of IOP.

15 октября 2017 - FDA committee sees Spark’s retinal dystrophy gene therapy as having favorable benefit-risk profile
An FDA advisory committee voted unanimously that Spark Therapeutics’ Luxturna gene therapy for retinal dystrophy has an overall favorable benefit-risk profile. Sixteen members of the Cellular, Tissue, and Gene Therapies Advisory Committee voted yes and zero voted no, with zero abstentions, on the following question: Considering the efficacy and safety information provided in the briefing document, as well as the presentations and discussions during the AC meeting, does voretigene neparvovec have an overall favorable benefit-risk profile for the treatment of patients with vision loss due to confirmed biallelic RPE65 mutation-associated retinal dystrophy?

30 сентября 2017 - Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) has been employed as a safe and effective means for lowering intraocular pressure (IOP) in glaucoma patients since receiving FDA 510(k) and marketing clearance in 2001
Dr. Paul Singh highlighted the diagnostic aspect of SLT during the 2017 Combined Ophthalmic Symposium in Austin, Texas. When asked if there was still a role for trabeculoplasty in managing glaucoma, Dr. Singh emphasized the many options now available for treating glaucoma patients in a customized fashion. He went on to note that in his practice, he has asked himself if SLT may provide some knowledge as to where the resistance in out ow may be: “when SLT works, could it be that the trabecular meshwork is the main area of resistance... or when it doesn’t work does this tell us that maybe it is in the Schlemm’s canal or distal to it.” In his opinion, SLT may help give a better understanding preoperatively of where the resistance lies.

29 сентября 2017 - MIGS ???
For many years, the gold standard for surgical treatment of glaucoma has been trabeculectomy. While effective in reducing intraocular pressure (IOP), trabeculectomy comes with its share of complications, including vision-threatening events such as endophthalmitis or choroidal hemorrhage. The introduction of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) has revolutionized the glaucoma treatment paradigm by allowing for earlier surgical intervention.

28 сентября 2017 - Срочно! Обучающие циклы в рамках РООФ! Скоро!
«Особенности диагностики, мониторинга и лечения больных с первичной открытоугольной глаукомой» «Офтальмотравматология»

25 сентября 2017 - ICO World Ophthalmology Roundtable on Leadership Development (WORLD)
Dear Colleague, I invite you to attend the ICO’s World Ophthalmology Roundtable on Leadership Development (WORLD) on Saturday, 11 November 2017 from 12:00–13:45 in the Louisiana Ballroom at the Loews Hotel, New Orleans. A light lunch will be served at 11:30.

16 сентября 2017 - Comparison of intraocular pressure fluctuations before and after ab interno trabeculectomy in pseudoexfoliation glaucoma patients
Purpose: Ab interno trabeculectomy (AIT) with the Trabectome has been shown to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) in eyes with pseudoexfoliation (PEX) glaucoma. Here, we examined the change of IOP fluctuations before and after only AIT or AIT with cataract surgery in PEX patients using the contact lens sensor Triggerfish®.

15 сентября 2017 - iTrack™ is the only illuminated, micron-scale microcatheter designed to viscodilate Schlemm’s canal during MIGS with ABiC™
During the procedure the iTrack™ is threaded through the canal with micro-forceps, providing real-time tactile feedback of the health and patency of the canal. As the iTrack™ is withdrawn, the precisely controlled delivery of Healon/Healon GV separates the compressed tissue planes of the trabecular meshwork, and also triggers the withdrawal of any herniated inner wall tissue from the collector channels. A standout feature of the iTrack™ is its illuminated tip, which allows you to continually monitor its location during canal circumnavigation – offering peace of mind that the iTrack™ is safely in the canal.

07 сентября 2017 - 14 ISOPT, 2018 год
Предварительная программа и прочие "приятности"

01 сентября 2017 - Introducing iTrack™ for ABiC (ab interno Canaloplasty)
When it comes to MIGS, a key advantage of the iTrack™ microcatheter is that it provides real-time tactile feedback of the health and patency of Schlemm’s canal. During the ABiC™ procedure, the iTrack™ is threaded through the canal with micro-forceps. As the iTrack™ is withdrawn, the precisely controlled delivery of Healon/Healon GV separates the compressed tissue planes of the trabecular meshwork, and also triggers the withdrawal of any herniated inner wall tissue from the collector channels. “The iTrack enables you to feel if the canal is tight, grainy, or completely open. It also features a rounded, atraumatic tip, as well as a lubricious coating, which enables it to be maneuvered past tight areas of the canal, or areas that are partially obstructed. As an added benefit, an illuminated tip allows you to continually monitor its location during canal circumnavigation.” Mark J. Gallardo, MD El Paso Eye Surgeons, Texas

31 августа 2017 - Micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS): a review of surgical procedures using stents
Abstract: Over the last decade several novel surgical treatment options and devices for glaucoma have been developed. All these developments aim to cause as little trauma as possible to the eye, to safely, effectively, and sustainably reduce intraocular pressure (IOP), to produce reproducible results, and to be easy to adopt. The term “micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS)” was used for summarizing all these procedures. Currently MIGS is gaining more and more interest and popularity. The possible reduction of the number of glaucoma medications, the ab interno approach without damaging the conjunctival tissue, and the probably safer procedures compared to incisional surgical methods may explain the increased interest in MIGS. The use of glaucoma drainage implants for lowering IOP in difficult-to-treat patients has been established for a long time, however, a variety of new glaucoma micro-stents are being manufactured by using various materials and are available to increase aqueous outflow via different pathways. This review summarizes published results of randomized clinical studies and extensive case report series on these devices, including Schlemm’s canal stents (iStent®, iStent® inject, Hydrus), suprachoroidal stents (CyPass®, iStent® Supra), and subconjunctival stents (XEN). The article summarizes the findings of published material on efficacy and safety for each of these approaches. Keywords: glaucoma, micro-invasive glaucoma surgery, MIGS, iStent, iStent inject, CyPass, Hydrus, XEN

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